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Angle Financial Service Settlement Program

Debt Settlement is a legitimate and legal way of solving your debt problem without bankruptcy.
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Angle Financial Service has established a highly effective debt settlement (negotiation) process, which allows our clients to clear out overbearing private and commercial unsecured debt in a months instead of decades. In certain cases, we may even be able to help with secured debts (e.g. car loans). This process has helped thousands of American families to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. Our trained negotiators have a exclusive relationships and by pooling hundreds or thousands of clients, we’re able to settle in some cases millions of tradelines and once and thus command lower settlement ratios.

We also have carefully developed negotiation tactics and techniques in addition to our relationships that help you in most cases obtain a substantial reduction in your total debt.

Debt settlement is a legitimate and legal way of solving your debt problem without bankruptcy.


Once your debt is cleared out, we can help you restore and optimize your credit score, allowing you to purchase a home or car as you focus on building your investment portfolio and net worth, earning interest instead of paying it.


We handle all contact with your creditors once enrolled in our program. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a collection of laws enacted by Congress to help protect consumers from illegal practices of Debt Collectors and Collection Agencies.

When You Enroll…

As part of our free initial consultation, we will review your cash flow to determine your ability to repay the debt within the framework of our lower negotiated totals. We’ll then create a unique plan for you. Banks have attorneys looking out for them, but who’s on your side? We are.

We can type pages about what we can do, but we’d rather show you a personalized consultation of what you can expect to realistically obtain, and how fast you can be debt free.

If you do nothing right now, life will probably stay on the path you’re currently on. If you’re here, perhaps you’re consider a new path – and we can guide you along it, and even show you a shortcut. We are only paid on your success – so you have something to gain, and nothing to lose.

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