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Protect Your Vehicle against life’s little surprises.
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Some of the options you’ll have include what type of deductible, and what types of coverage you wish to insure for.  If you have a car loan, the lending bank will require “full coverage”, to protect their collateral – your car, which is a good idea anyway since losing your investment would cause substantial financial impact.

Insurance is one of those things most people want as cheap as possible – until they really need it. Getting the run-around over coverage, while you may not have transportation or worse might be what shopping based only on price can get you.

Don’t get us wrong: we know how important it is to save every dollar. That said, it’s our job, as your insurance professional (we hope!) to look deeper, to look at both exact coverage, reputation, financial stability and how payment for claims are made, and then to carefully look for every possible discount. Whether you’re married, a good student, an engineer by trade, a senior citizen – we’ll do what we can to keep you financially safe at the lowest cost possible.

You may qualify for discounts up to 40%!

Working with Angle Financial Services can provide you the best of both a broker and a direct underwriter: We shop many companies on your behalf to find the lowest rates for you, while also working to make sure you have excellent service. That said, we’re not just some middle-man who will shuttle you off to phone purgatory – we want to be your agent, and if you ever do need to make a claim – you call us, and we handle it.

Nobody ever thinks they’ll need the Insurance…but the statistics happen to someone, and if that statistic is you, will you be protected?

Your auto / car / vehicle insurance can cover…

·         Collision / Car Accidents. Regardless of who is at fault, collision insurance will protect you financially from having large repair bills or having to replace the entire vehicle, subject to a deductible

·         Comprehensive Coverage. In the event of, say a tornado, hail damage, or a tree falling on your car, this covers you. The insurance carrier will write a check to repair your car, subject to a specific deductible

·         Personal Injury. This covers medical expenses related to an automobile accident for anyone specified in the policy (i.e. your family or household). This coverage pays regardless of who is deemed at fault (if any).

·         Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability. This is pretty standard in even the lowest-coverage policies. The insurer agrees to pay damages if you injure someone or his/her property (including their car) in an auto accident, up to a specified amount. Note that this area is where some consumers go “penny wise and pound foolish” – for example, if you have only $30,000 in property damage but hit an $80,000 Porsche, that owner’s insurance or owner is more likely to sue for the other $50,000 if you have even a chance of being at fault.

·         Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Liability Coverage. If you’re in a collision with another driver who is under-insured, or not carrying any insurance, this will protect you financially.

Protect Yourself & Your Financial Future!


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