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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Structure

Save Thousands on your Mortgage!
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Ask yourself this question... What is the biggest investment of your life?
Usually the answer is your home, but actually it is your mortgage!

Your Mortgage:

Mortgage amount: $150,000.00
Current payment: $975.00 per month
Term: 360 months
Interest Rate: 5.5 %



Here are the troubling facts about your 30 year mortgage:

• You will pay approximately 2.04 times the amount you originally borrowed!
• After paying your mortgage for 10 years, you will still owe 82.54% of what you borrowed!
• After paying your mortgage for 15 years, you will still owe 69.49% of what you borrowed!

Let's see why!

Between the first and last payment on your mortgage:

• The amount you originally borrowed is $150,000.00 (principal)
• The total interest you will pay is $156,607.75
• The total cost of your mortgage is $306,607.75 (principal + interest)

Your total cost will be 204.41% of the original amount you borrowed!
How can this be possible? Take a closer look at the REAL COSTS!

After paying on your mortgage for 10 years...

• You will have made a total of 120 monthly payments
• The total amount you will have paid then will be: $102,201.60
• Out of the $102,201.60 you will have paid in principal and interest, only$26,188.00 has gone to reduce your principal! The rest has gone to paying interest!
• So after 10 years of payments totaling $102,201.60, only 17.46% of your principal has been paid off!

What Can You Do To Improve Your Situation?

The Preferred Biweekly Payment Program℠ is the solution!
The Preferred Biweekly Payment Program will make an enormous difference in the total
amount you will pay on your mortgage, simply by changing the way you make your monthly
payment. Instead of the old fashioned way of making your $975.00 payment once per month,
simply pay $487.50 every two weeks (plus any additional amount you may wish to add).

Let's look at the difference...
Here are the amazing benefits of the Preferred Biweekly Payment Program℠!

• Your mortgage will be paid off in 24.25 years instead of 30.00 years.
• You will save $34,869.74 in unnecessary interest payments!
• You will reduce the amount of interest you are paying by 22.27%

The Old Fashioned Way:

Make your mortgage payment the traditional way, once per month, and pay your lender an additional $34,869.74 in interest payments just for the privilege of borrowing $150,000.00.

The Preferred Biweekly Mortgage Way:

Simply change the frequency of your mortgage payments to a Biweekly schedule and save $34,869.74 in unnecessary interest payments payments and pay off your mortgage in just 24.25 years instead of 30 years.

Ask yourself this question:

Why should I pay an extra $34,869.74 in interest payments that I can eliminate?

The Preferred Biweekly Mortgage way just makes dollars and sense!

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