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Business Insurance

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Protect Your Business against life’s little surprises.

Some of the options you’ll have include what type of deductible, and what types of coverage you wish to insure for.



Types of Business Insurance we offer include:

·         General Liability

·         Worker’s Comp (Injury Compensation)

·         Group Benefits

·         Bonds

·         Commercial Auto Insurance and Commercial Building

·         BOP Business Owner’s Policy or Life Insurance on essential staff

·         Professional Liability, Errors & Omissions

·         … and more.


Don’t let one disaster wipe out your profits & kill your business.

Protect Your Business Before the Unexpected Happens 

Insurance is one of those things most people want as cheap as possible – until they really need it. The right insurance can help reduce the financial impact of unexpected losses like lawsuits, natural disasters, employee injury, and more.

Don’t get us wrong: we know how important it is to save every dollar. That said, it’s our job, as your insurance professional (we hope!) to look deeper, to look at both exact coverage, reputation, financial stability and how payment for claims are made, and then to carefully look for every possible discount and savings.

You may qualify for discounts up to 22%!

Working with Angle Financial Services can provide you the best of both a broker and a direct underwriter: We shop many companies on your behalf to find the lowest rates for you, while also working to make sure you have excellent service. That said, we’re not just some middle-man who will shuttle you off to phone purgatory – we want to be your agent, and if you ever do need to make a claim – you call us, and we handle it.


Nobody ever thinks they’ll need the Business Insurance…but the statistics happen to someone, and if that statistic is you,

will you be protected?

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