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We can get you the funding your business needs!


We can get you the funding your business needs!


Angle Business Services is a multifaceted Business Solutions provider. As a Business Solutions expert and a Licensed Independent Insurance Agency in operation since 2010 we have gained the expertise needed to perform and excel for our Business clients. Each of our principals has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry. We offer a complimentary Business Needs Assessment to determine the proper recommendations we will plan and show you the ANGLE.

Building a business takes capital. You can use your personal funds and credit to accomplish your dreams, but why would you if you don’t have to?

Our Business Credit Builder program helps you start and grow your business without using your own funds or personal credit.

We provide you with an easy step-by-step system to build business credit and the full assistance of our certified business credit coaching team. Plus we provide you the only system where you can actually monitor your business credit reports and business credit building in real time.

Through our Business Credit and Funding Suite we help you obtain a DUNS number and access your Experian Smart Business credit report at no cost.

We help you get approved with vendors who report to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies to build a business credit profile for your business. We then help you leverage your business credit profile to qualify for tens-of-thousands of dollars in business credit.

You can be approved for major credit cards and for multiple business credit lines, all in your business name. And many sources will provide you credit with no personal credit check or personal guarantee.

We even provide you with our iron-clad $50,000 guarantee where we guarantee you will be approved for at least $50,000 in business credit using our Business Credit Builder program.


Business credit scores range from 0 to 100, with 0 representing a high risk and 100 representing a low risk.
Scores are based on a number of factors contained in your business credit report.


Number of trade experiences Public Record Frequency & Dollar Amount
Outstanding Balances Demographics such as years on file, Standard Industrial Classification Codes and Business Size
Payment Habits Credit Utilization
Trends Over Time    
  • Number of trade experiences
  • Public Record Frequency & Dollar Amount
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Demographics such as years on file, Standard Industrial Classification Codes and Business Size
  • Payment Habits
  • Credit Utilization
  • Trends Over Time

One Payment of $4995.00 =>>>>>>

Three Payments of $1765.00 =>>>>>>

Six Payments of $899.00 =>>>>>>

Ten Payments of $599.00 =>>>>>>

Business Credit Advisors

Our team also includes Business Credit Advisors that will assist you with all aspects of business credit building. Your Business Credit Advisor will assist with helping you navigate our award winning step-by-step business credit building program. Your Business Credit Advisor will first help you establish a credible foundation for your business. Your Advisor will help walk you through a 20-…

Should I try to sell my business on my own?

Selling a Business? We offer a Complimentary Professional Business Valuation.

We conduct a complimentary professional business valuation that we have designed, and it maximizes the value of your business for sale.

Protection of your Interest throughout the entire business sale process.

We maximize value, we maintain confidentiality, and we maintain deal flow to help you sell your business quickly.

Dedicated Business Broker.

Ultimately selling a business is about people-sure, we have all the technology and modern day resources to help you sell your business, but no technology in the world will sell your business on its own. With Angle, you will have the help of our professionally trained, experienced brokers who will be dedicated as your "listing expert" to help you reach the goals you set for selling your business.

Productive Negotiations To Help You Sell Your Business.

We help overcome common objections and hurdles that occur during due diligence and negotiations-you will want to have your business broker present your case to a buyer, particularly at times when it seems like things could get unpleasant. For example, if you need to make a counter offer, let your business broker handle it. You and your buyer may need to remain associated after the sale and an aggressive confrontation during the negotiation could sour the relationship.

Buying a Business?
Why Buy an Existing Business?

With so many options available to you, the questions will become which vein of the business-ownership arena should you pursue? Between franchises, existing businesses, start-ups, home based businesses and MLMs, it does become a bit overwhelming. When reviewing all of the possibilities you have to decide what will work best for you; however, your chances of success are clearly best when you buy an existing business or franchise resale for many reasons. With any new business you have two main challenges; developing the product or service and then seeing what, if anything, people are willing to pay you for it. Regardless of a company's past performance, an existing business or franchise will. at the very least, have a history from which you will be able to make certain decisions. Even if the company was not profitable in the past, your strengths may lend themselves perfectly to turning it into a viable venture.

How to Value a Business

Accurately valuing a small business is often the most challenging part of the process for prospective business buyers. However, it doesn't have to be an overwhelming or difficult undertaking. Above all, you should realize that the valuation is an art, not a science. As a buyer, always keep in mind that the "asking price" is not the purchase price. Quite often it does not even remotely represent what the business is truly worth. Naturally, a buyer's valuation is usually quite different from what the seller believes their business is worth. Sellers are emotionally attached to their business. They usually factor their years of hard work into their calculation. Unfortunately, this has no business whatsoever being in the equation. The challenge for you, the buyer, is to formulate a valuation that is accurate, and will provide you with an acceptable return on your investment.

Due Diligence- How to uncover any problems BEFORE you buy

Due diligence is probably the most critical stage in the buying process. Many prospective buyers incorrectly identify this period as strictly a financial review, but it goes far beyond that. Due diligence encompasses a far greater project and that being the complete investigation and review of the business. One of the keys to buying a good business, comes from your ability to learn the intimate details of the business. to identify the strengths, weaknesses, pluses, minuses, growth opportunities and areas of concern. If you do not do a flawless job of gathering information, you will not be able to pull the trigger and complete the transaction since you'll be uncertain about too many components of the business.

Business Brokers - How They can Help You!

Show them you're serious. A business broker wants to be sure that if the right opportunity comes along, you'll be ready to buy!
Prepare a laundry list of the types of businesses you're interested in purchasing
Present them with your personal financial statement
Tell them precisely how much money you have to invest
Ask them for suggestions as to how you should conduct your search
Ask them to show you how to best navigate the Internet
Call them regularly, at least once a week.

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